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Software License Compliance for organization is addressed through SAM Program. See how PARAS SAM PRO training can help your organization achieve Software License Compliance.

Software License Compliance for Software products / platforms and Solutions can be achieved through the understanding the licenses for the code that goes into products and code management practices. 

A Certificate course from PARAS for Software Developers, Architects, Project and Business Managers of Software Products / Solutions, Platforms and Devices with Embedded software

Develop a plan ( covering Policies, Processes and Tools and Steps) to achieve Software License Compliance for Software Products / Solutions, Platforms and Devices with Embedded software

Best practices to ensure third party software license compliance (Free/Libre Open Source Software -  OSS / FLOSS, Commercial Software, etc). Mapped on Lifecycle form Conceptualization to Design to Build to Deliver. 

Empowering Organizations to Take Control of Software Assets - PARAS SAM PROfessional - The Certification Course is conceptualized, developed and delivered by PARAS with inputs from Software License Compliance and SAM SMEs, Consultants, Practitioners, Auditors, Trainers, Software Publishers, SAM Tool Publishers, Software Resellers, etc. Certification training for Software Compliance Managers, Advanced Training for Software Asset Managers. Get Certified  through PARAS - the training company that bought SIIA's CSM- Certified Software Manager and ASM - Advanced Software Manager Courses in India

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